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Well, good people, after 20 years of playing other people’s songs, I’m studying on playing a few of my own for y’all. And that’s where this GoFundMe page comes in. Right now I’ve got a dozen or so little gems that just need some polish and a few hours in the studio to make ’em just right and ready to be pressed onto an album. MY FIRST ALBUM OF ALL ORIGINALS!


MID-APRIL, 2020! Well, it just so happens that while I was laying plans for this recording, I got one piece of big news: the historic & prestigious New Orleans JazzFest  was asking me - out of the blue! no application needed! - to be a part of their 2020 festival line-up! Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be a part of JazzFest this year, and we’re going to be making every effort to have these songs recorded and mixed in time to release before we hit the Lagniappe stage on Friday April 24th. (I know, crazy! But, sí se puede!)


Glad you asked! Please head on back to the GoFundMe page to see the list of premium packages for this project!


It'll all go towards making this endeavor come to life. So that's why any dollar amount is greatly appreciated!  And here's what I’ll be putting your generous dollars towards:

  • Hiring my guys for the 3-5 days that we’ll be in the studio at the end of February.
  • Studio time, recording time, editing time, production work from Dirk.
  • Mastering and finalizing the music before it’s put on the record.
  • Album design work & time.
  • Illustration work from Burt Durand here in Lafayette!
  • Photography work from James Billeaudeau here in Lafayette!
  • Making of the merchandise! (CDs, bandanas, stickers, & maybe even vinyl!)
  • Publicity for the album to press & radio.


I'll be recording these new songs with the Get Rights line-up that has been playing with me for the past year-and-a-half. I'm tickled that they've been with me this last bit to see through some of my biggest writing stints! My long-time, right hand man, fiddler and singer David Greely. And also two of The Revelers have joined in, Trey Boudreaux on upright bass and Daniel Coolik on electric guitar. Bill Smith, our fearless drummer, has become a dear friend and a great collaborator. Bill hails from a farm in Ohio, but he’s been known to do stints in Nashville and Los Angeles with his band, Truth & Salvage Co. I love Bill's takes on songs that I've written and where he hears them going. 

I’m also amazed and grateful to have Dirk Powell producing and engineering this record. I've been friends with Dirk for the past few years, although we’ve been swimming in the same circles of friends and musicians for what seems like forever. Dirk started dropping in our gigs last year, sometimes taking part (on keys, accordions, guitar, you name it!), sometimes offering insight and enthusiasm about the new songs I’ve been testing out. It's been great to speak with him about the kinds of sounds I enjoy, the setting I see these songs sitting in. I know his passion and deep knowledge of music and recording is going to make this an incredible session. I am REALLY looking forward to working with him on this album!


Some 15 years ago, I moved from my home state of California to Charlottesville, Virginia. On my radio show at Cal Berkeley’s KALX, I had been playing artists like Mother Maybelle Carter, Lefty Frizzell and the Louvin Brothers, and I wanted to get closer to the roots of the old-time and country music I loved and had been teaching myself how to play. In California, I joined bands like the Mercury Dimes, but I wanted to be surrounded by players who had been steeped in this great American musical legacy. In Charlottesville, I got my wish, playing with dozens and dozens of great musicians before meeting up with Chance McCoy (now of Old Crow Medicine Show). In 2009, we started Old Sledge and won a blue ribbon for Traditional Band at the Clifftop Appalachian Stringband Festival. We toured nationally and internationally for the next few years, putting all them miles on my little Silverado truck! 

After Old Sledge, I started to expand my repertoire from old-time folk to jazzy torch numbers and honky-tonk dance music. Then five years ago, I moved to Lafayette and felt like I’d really found a place I could call home. I found a lot of parallels between the Cajun and Catholic traditions of the bayou with the Mexican-American upbringing I had in Southern California. Everybody’s eating rice and beans, and everywhere you look you’re gonna see the Virgin Mary. I met so many great players in Louisiana, forming the Get Rights and expanding my musical horizons to include the influences that are around me... swamp pop, R&B, and country.

You can describe the culture down in Lafayette and New Orleans the same way you talk about the food. It’s a little fattier, a little spicier, maybe a little richer. That’s inspired me to bust out and let myself live a little louder, be a bit more brash and take more risks. So yeah, I feel like I’ve finally started to get it right — and now I want to put that feeling down on record and share it with y’all. Anything you can do to help me get there would be a boost and a blessing.